Product: imperceptible transition between primary and secondary site1

Videotron wished to have a site dedicated to its customer service. As Altitude managed only the customer service portion of their website, the pages in this section needed to seamlessly retrieve the menu and footer from Videotron’s main site. As well as offering a uniform navigation from one site to another, the manner in which these elements were retrieved required very little extra management on the client’s side.

Following the redesign of Videotron’s main site in 2012, the customer service section was synchronized according the site’s new graphic layout by simply modifying the page templates. This operation took only a few hours and was completed without causing the site to malfunction or crash. Aside from the changes to the sites visuals, the site users were completely unaware of any of the work that was going on in the background.    

1. The design of this project was not realized by Nmédia Solutions.